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Grief Counseling in Baltimore County, Maryland

Grieving is the natural and necessary process humans must undergo to resume psychological, physical, and spiritual balance after experiencing loss. Loss occurs when a change in life circumstance requires an individual to adjust to a new way of being in – and understanding – the world.

Life losses may include:

  • The death of loved ones
  • Physical illness or cognitive decline
  • Changes in relationships
  • Strained relationships due to substance use or abuse
  • New phases in life
  • Job transitions

Trusted Counseling Professionals

For several decades, The Counseling Center at Stella Maris has helped individuals navigate their individual grief journeys through a wide range of counseling and educational services that include:

Due to ongoing restrictions and precautions related to COVID-19, The Counseling Center has suspended all grief support groups until further notice. Individual counseling is currently available via telehealth appointments to all Stella Maris Hospice family members, as well as anyone in the community. Please call 410-252-4500 ext. 7291 for more information or to request an appointment.