Mission, Values and Vision

Catholic Christian End-of-life, Palliative, and Nursing Care - Baltimore County, Harford County, and Carroll CountyMission Statement

Like the Sisters of Mercy before us, we witness God’s healing love for all people by providing excellent clinical and residential services within a community of compassionate care.

Mercy Values

Dignity — We celebrate the inherent value of each person as created in the image of God. We respond to the needs of the whole person in health, sickness and dying.

Hospitality — From many religious traditions and walks of life, we welcome one another as children of the same God, whose mercy we know through the warmth, fidelity and generosity of others.

Justice — We base our relationships with all people on fairness, equality and integrity. We stand especially committed to persons who are poor or vulnerable.

Excellence — We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care, and to serving all with courtesy, respect and compassion. Maintaining our involvement in the education of physicians and other healthcare professionals is a priority.

Stewardship — We believe that our world and our lives are sacred gifts which God entrusts to us. We respond to that trust by constantly striving to balance the good of all with the good of each, and through creative and responsible use of all our resources.

Prayer — We believe that every moment in a person’s journey is holy. Prayer is our response to God’s faithful presence in suffering and in joy, in sickness and in health, in life and in death.

Our Vision

At Stella Maris, we will foster a standard of living within our community:

  • Where the dignity and comfort of all we serve is the fundamental goal of every action and every decision.
  • Where those we care for and work with are engaged in a partnership of holistic, person-centered caring.
  • Where the environment is warm, friendly, and safe.
  • Where team members are proud of and fulfilled by the contributions they make to those served.


I want to express our deep gratitude for the excellent and compassionate care my father received at Stella Maris...
S. Nolan
Baltimore, Maryland


  • Effective Communication
    March 26, 2020
    5:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Speaker: Diane Martin, Ph.D. Director, Geriatrics and Gerontology Education and Research Program Senior Lecturer, UM Graduate School University of Maryland, Baltimore Effective communication is an important component of person-centered care and necessary to promote quality of later life. During this scenario-based educational conference, attendees will learn to recognize factors that negatively impact medical and non-medical (more…)

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